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Most people don’t really consider tile and grout cleaning. It is usually regarded to be needless and unnecessary. Even though it may seem to be time-consuming, it is extremely vital to have them cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. Regular deep cleaning helps to avoid discoloration and stains, and also extend the lifeline of your flooring. We, at Expert Carpet Cleaning, provide the best and efficient form of service at the best rates and economical pricing packages.

Tiles are used basically in every living space. Although it may seem to need no or little maintenance, the groves and edges can collect grime and dust. This usually gives off a dirty and blackened look. Unclean flooring can cause mold infestations and is harmful to anyone walking on it bare-foot. Cleaning tiles is a back-breaking job which is best left to experts. We, at Expert Carpet Cleaning, use the best and latest techniques to effortlessly give you a clean and hygienic floor. Our technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, or any area of your house without causing any harm to it. 

What We Do

An unmaintained floor can cause discoloration and build-up of dirt and grime between and on the tiles. This makes it look extremely unappealing. The tiles lose their shine and look dingy. If you do not clean it every now and then, mold growth will flourish in the pores of the tiles. The grout will turn a blackish color which is persistent and hard to remove. You will, therefore, need specialists like us to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting of your tiles and grout.

We use a high pressured water force to push out the embedded grime and dust. We also use high powered steam and vacuum cleaners to eliminate any stubborn stains and germs. Our cleaning products are formulated in-house and are plant-based, thus ensuring no harm to the environment and to your family members and pets.

Why Come to Us?

Expert Carpet Cleaning is well known in Culver City, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Hawthorne, Westmont, West Athens, Lennox, El Segundo, Beverly Hills, Inglewood and Los Angeles for its efficient and effective tile and grout cleaning. We have maintained our status as being the best over the years. A few reasons for our recognized name are as follows:

  • We are specialists in tile and grout cleaning. We do our job efficiently and quickly.
  • We use cleaning products that are eco-friendly and hazard-free, and will not pose a threat to your family and pets.
  • We maintain a 45-minutes response time to all calls.
  • Our prices are transparent and reasonable.
  • Our technicians are experienced, licensed, insured, and certified in tile and grout cleaning.

If you need an economical and toxin-free cleaning service in Culver City, contact us on (310) 409-4895, or email us with your queries and questions at contact@carpetcleaningculvercity-ca.com, and our proficient and courteous staff will attend to you.

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